Reaching new heights with crime novel

Garry Stanton, crime author from Kennoway
Garry Stanton, crime author from Kennoway

A Kennoway man is hoping for literary success with his new novel which puts the reader at the heart of the story.

Garry Stanton, who is originally from Edinburgh but has lived in the Fife town since 2000, has already had his novel ‘The Heights’ published in both paperback and Kindle format on Amazon.

The dystopic crime novel set in Edinburgh follows a character who enacts vigilante justice across the city.

But in an unusual turn for a debut novelist, Garry has written the whole book in the second person - meaning the reader is transformed into the main character.

“It’s quite a rare thing - books are usually either first person or third person, but I thought ‘This would be quite a good challenge - can I write a whole book in second person?’ And I did it.”

Garry (50) has focused on writing as his main profession for around three years now, and took just five months to write ‘The Heights’, but said he has always put pen to paper in some way.

“I’ve been writing for pretty much as long as I can remember. I started writing short stories and things like that - they probably weren’t very good! - but I have always done it throughout my life.”

Living in Edinburgh, Garry had jobs in civil service and in retail, but was keen to broaden his horizons, and enrolled as a mature student at the Univeristy of St Andrews in 2004 studying English Literature.

“I really loved it, I thought it was brilliant,” said Garry.

“I think the degree helped to inspire me as a writer, how could it not? You’re reading such a wide range of brilliant writers from centuries back right up to the contemporary and you just naturally get inspired by it all.”

For now, Garry is enjoying a swath of brilliant reviews on Amazon, while trying to finish his first novel as well as a brand new book.

“I’m not going to stop writing now - I’ve got the bug.”

When Garry was writing ‘The Heights’, he decided it would be a good idea to get his son Lewis (22) to design the cover (shown above). Lewis, who is going to study archeology in Aberdeen, studied art at college, and Garry said he was quite excited to be involved in the whole process. “Lewis is really good at the whole photoshop thing - and I’m not! - and, the moon plays a big part in the book, so I just said ‘Lets work on it together’ and he came up with that. And he’s going to do the covers for my future books too.”