Readers rally round after club break-in

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EAST Fife Junior Supporters Club (EFJSC) has scored a vital the park.

The Mail reported last month that its cabin at Bayview was left unusable after it was broken into and ransacked by callous thieves

But now the community has rallied round to get it re-opened.

EFJSC treasurer and player protection officer Shona Cargill told the Mail in the weeks since the story was printed a number of people had donated goods to replace those stolen.

“An old man came into the reception desk at Bayview and handed over £20,” she said.

“He didn’t want to leave his name or anything but had read about the break-in in the paper and just wanted to help.

“Tom, who does the catering, also gave us three boxes of crisps and three crates of juice. Leona’s (receptionist at Bayview) son gave us his Playstation 2 and all his games. One of the coaches gave us a signed East Fife strip that is framed and the club has put on a new door for us and is painting it.”

Amongst the items originally stolen were 15 signed football kits, a television, a Playstation 2 a heater, beanbags and a box full of juice and crisps.

The donations received since meant the club was able to re-open the cabin at East Fife’s last home game on December 3, and despite a 3-1 loss to Stenhousemuir, Ms Cargill said all the squad members, made up 180 youngsters aged from five to 17 years-old, were delighted.

She added: “Everyone is really chuffed at the stuff we have been given.

“We wouldn’t have been able to use the cabin as we had no juice or sweets and it was in a bit of a mess.

“It has given everyone a little lift. We are amazed at people’s generosity as we know at this time of year it can be difficult and we just want to thank everyone.

“The cabin is good for the squad as the members have their own space and are able to get a heat at half time.

“Caroline (Bayview public address announcer) made an announcement thanking everyone and someone said they would give us a portable TV to use with the Playstation.”

To prevent the possibility of the cabin being broken into again East Fife have fitted a secure double lock to the cabin, situated behind one of the goals at Bayview.