Reconnection in Borders may help Leven line

Allen Armstrong
Allen Armstrong

One of the biggest events in Scotland at the weekend was the reopening of the 35-mile stretch of rail line to the Borders, after 46 years, at just under £300million.

Members of the LMRC (Leven Mouth Rail Campaign), seeking the revitalisation of the Leven to Thornton link, hope this will add further credibility to their venture.

LMRC secterary Allen Armstrong said the 20-year Borders crusade had succeeded despite a weak economic case and the need for large-scale investment.

Economically, he said the argument for Levenmouth was much stronger – it could use existing Fife Circle services, the line was fully intact and undeveloped, and was only five miles at a cost of around £75 million to serve a much larger immediate population catchment than the Borders line would serve.

“We are delighted for our Borders counterparts but will be angry if the compelling case to re-open the Leven line is ignored,” said Mr Armstrong. “Informed commentators” in the national press had suggested Levenmouth should be next in the line of rail re-openings, he added, but local residents and their elected representatives had to keep their voices heard (see also page 8).