Recycling centre could be binned in cash-strapped council’s budget

Dr McLellan says that every house is now 'effectively a recycling centre'
Dr McLellan says that every house is now 'effectively a recycling centre'

People in Cupar may have to travel to Ladybank or St Andrews to do their recycling if a proposal by Fife Council officials is approved.

Councillors are to be asked to rubber-stamp controversial proposals to close the recycling centre in Coal Road in a bid to save cash as part of efforts to plug a massive funding gap.

But the local authority has stressed that the decision to close the facility has not yet been made and it is up to elected members to decide whether to approve the recommendation made by officials.

Bob McLellan, head of transportation and environmental services, said: “Fife Council is facing a £77 million funding gap over the next three years.

“Management teams across the council are putting forward options to the administration for consideration in advance of them publishing a draft budget later this year.

“One of the options from transportation and environmental services is to close Cupar Recycling Centre.

“We’ve made staff aware that we’ve put this forward as an option now as it could directly affect them if it is taken forward as a proposal by the administration.”

Dr McLellan continued: “Fife is one of the leading recycling councils in Scotland.

“Since we have introduced the four bin system across Fife, effectively now every house is a recycling centre.

“However we will continue to operate a number of recycling centres and points throughout Fife. There are other suitable recycling centres close to Cupar which can be used.”

This is the second time in three years that the facility has been threatened with closure and Cuparians are just as concerned this time round.

Some vented their anger on our Facebook page and were unconvinced by Dr McLellan’s suggestion that the four-bin system was sufficient.

“Of course we still need this facility,” said one contributor.

“There is waste you can’t put in the bins – furniture, bottles, rubble and metal waste. Close this site and just wait for the fly tippers.”