Red hot Cinders & pure pantomime fun!


WHILE for most of us pantomime means wrapping up and heading out for some fun in December, for Jonathan Stone it means planning ahead, working on Christmas stories in July, and beginning auditions and rehearsals in September.

Jonathan - the man responsible for bringing some of the best pantos Kirkcaldy has ever seen to Adam Smith Theatre - is always one step ahead.

This year he will have to be TWO steps in front as he takes on panto at Adam Smith and a Christmas show at Carnegie Hall for the very first time.

“It’s going to be great fun this year,” Jonathan told the Press ahead of auditions on Thursday. “We’re always planning a year in advance, and this year is exciting because there are two shows.

“It isn’t not two pantos in the traditional sense.

‘‘We are doing Cinderella at Adam Smith, which is a very traditional pantomime with the Adam Smith twist of course.

“At Carnegie it’s a Christmas show written especially for the theatre and it’s about Christmas toys coming to life - a race to see who can sit on top of the Christmas tree.

Top class

“The two shows complement each other - you can go to both and see two completely different things.”

Jonathan returns to Kirkcaldy with his top-class team of professional actors, musicians and choreographers.

And with a reputation for putting on some of the most original, fun-filled pantos out there, the pressure is always on to make every show the best yet.

“Cinderella is the best story - and we are doing a very new version,” Jonathan said.

“We’re never going to rely on the bog-standard things - we’re always trying to do something different.

‘’There are so many theatres that go on a four-year cycle and bring out the same scripts, the same sets.

‘‘But Fife audiences are the most discerning I know - they are not going to accept four-years-ago’s re-hashed script.

‘‘So every year it keeps us excited as well.”

With Cinders given the Adam Smith treatment, audiences should be prepared for something very Scottish - featuring Nanny McFanny, Buttons the fiddle player and a touch of Paolo Nutini and even the Proclaimers!

“The panto audience at Adam Smith is one of the most loyal audiences I know,” Jonathan added.

“They come back every year and are such fun.

‘‘They are wonderful - very warm, very vocal and they are not going to accept rubbish.

“This year is going to be good fun - come and see both shows!”