Reduced to pile of rubble

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A MAJOR landmark on the Glenrothes skyline is about to be removed for good, reports NEIL HENDERSON.

The demolition of Glenrothes House on North Street in the town centre has been taking place for two months now and nearing completion.

A spokesperson for Central Demolition, the firm given the responsibility of bringing the nine storey building to the ground told the Gazette that they expected the demolition to be completed by ‘the end of the June at the latest.’

Teams of builders and engineers spent the first month stripping out most of the office interior effectively reducing the building to an empty shell.

The left wing of the structure was then removed behind a protective screen of scaffolding on a floor by floor basis.

Specialist hydraulic cutting and crushing equipment has since reduced the core of the building to nothing more than a broken mass of shattered concrete and twisted metal

The process has regularly drawn dozens of shoppers and stopped traffic in the area with people watching on as fragments of the building come crashing to the ground.

The removal of the Glenrothes landmark is expected to make way for a proposed redevelopment of the which will include a new Kingdom Centre entrance and Tesco supermarket.