Refurbished floor sets standard for multi-storey car parks ...

Kirkcaldy’s Esplanade multi storey car park has undergone a major facelift to encourage more people to use it.

The floor accessible from the Mercat Shopping Centre has undergone a £200,000 transformation, and is now brighter and better.

Cllr Neil Crooks and  Dr Bob McLellan, head of transportation and environmental services for Fife Council, at the new-look esplanade car park.

Cllr Neil Crooks and Dr Bob McLellan, head of transportation and environmental services for Fife Council, at the new-look esplanade car park.

The work has included introduced wider parking bays, new pedestrian walkways, plus energy efficient lighting, painted walls and ceilings, and a brightly coloured surfaces.

It was part funded by the council’s Town Centre Development Fund for Kirkcaldy to encourage visitors to take a new look at the eyesore multi-storey.

The refurbishments are also a key project in the ‘Time for Action’ plan which was drawn up by the Kirkcaldy’s Ambitions group, which formed following a successful Kirkcaldy Town Centre Summit held in June 2012.

The plan allowed retailers and business people in the town centre to review the workdone so far, and allow them to put forward ideas for further improvements.

Councillor Neil Crooks, chairman of Kirkcaldy Area Committee, is pleased with the finished result.

He said: “Improvements to the town centre multi-storey parking was something that was raised at the summit a few years ago.

“The car park has been subjected to a £200,000 investment which has seen all of the lighting replaced with LED bulbs, all bays widened where possible, and two floors have been surface painted to better define pedestrian and parking zones.

“The result is a much brighter more welcoming experience. The changes are all ideas from local people and local traders and it should become better used as more people discover the wide bays in particular.

But more work is still needed at what Cllr Crooks admitted was ‘‘an ugly building.’’

He added:: “Finding the entrance is still difficult.

‘‘New signage is needed to highlight the turn in at 
the traffic lights on the Esplanade.

“The building needs work done externally to make it more attractive to visitors.

“That’s one of our ambitions within the ‘Time For Action’ report and could be funded through demolition of the Thistle Street car park as current useage tells us both are not required.

“But we also need a local parking plan and we would not take demolition steps without having that full picture of the future town centre and waterfront.”

The next phase...

The next stage for the Town Centre Development Fund is to improve the west end of the High Street from Charlotte Street to Nicol Street.

Work is expected to begin in February.

Refurbishing the steps at The Postings in Bell Wynd will hopefully start next March.

Calls for action have been made over many years.

Now, new stairs and handrails will make them safer and more accessible.

Plans are also in place to improve parking restrictions, roads and bus stops.