Regent looking for new ideas

Fresh views: The Regent wants you to think outside the box.
Fresh views: The Regent wants you to think outside the box.
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THE Regent Cinema in Leven is looking for new exciting fundraising ideas now it has been confirmed as staying open.

To help, the Facebook page ‘Save The Regent Cinema’ is being kept open, but with the goal of being a sounding board and ideas hub, to make use of the over 400 people who ‘liked’ it during the ‘Save The Regent Cinema’ campaign.

The first major hurdle the Commercial Road venue’s new committee will need to tackle is finding money for a new digital projector.

In a direct appeal to local residents and cinema goers, a spokesman for The Regent said: “Now that we’re staying open, we need to start raising funds to help keep it that way, first up we need a new digital projector which believe it or not is going to cost around £33,000.

“All 35mm prints are fading out this year so at some point we’ll be going digital, so that is a top priority.

“Also if possible I’d like you guys to help us by holding a fundraising event, it could be anything you like, be creative and make it fun to do, if you don’t wish to do anything then you can simply give us your ideas which some of our volunteers can do instead. Anything you can do to help will be much appreciated. If you need to ask us anything give us a call on 01333 278003.”