Rejects store left us feeling rejected ...

Jacqueline Queen and her mother
Jacqueline Queen and her mother

A VISIT to a popular Kirkcaldy store left a woman and her disabled mother upset after they claimed they were treated “rudely” by staff.

Jacqueline Queen had returned to Glenrothes from her home in Canada to visit her 95-year-old mother, Annie Anderson, when she decided to take her on an outing to Rejects as she enjoys shopping.

However they were left upset and disappointed when they discovered that they could only look around several of the stores’ many departments because there was no lift to the upper floor, while other ground floor sections had steps linking them.

Mrs Queen explained: “We were dropped off at the garden centre at the back of the store and made our way to the hardware department, only to be met by a flight of steps downwards. I pushed the wheelchair around to the kitchen department, assuming there was a ramp there, but no, just another lot of steps down to the curtain department, up to the fabrics and sewing or up again to the bedding and cafe.

“I asked where the ramps and lifts were and was told bluntly that there were none – no apology was given. We were told that if we went around the building we could get into the fabric department.

“We tried this, struggling across a car park and past the loading bays.

“I still believed there must be a way to the cafe, so we returned to the store and I left mum in the wheelchair at the bottom of the stairs, while I ran up to ask at the cafe if there was an entrance from the front of the store. Again, the assistant was very rude and just replied that there was not.

“In Canada shop assistants are so polite and friendly that I found this very disturbing. My mother so much wanted a cup of tea and here was a lovely cafe with no access for us. We were very disappointed.”

She says she has since written to Rejects but has heard nothing from them. She is waiting to hear from Disability Fife about the laws on disabled access to shops.

Despite asking the store to comment, at the time of going to press, none had been made.