Relax! And listen to the banned ...

The Kinks
The Kinks

The week’s TV highlights with Dawn Renton

(Friday, BBC4, 11.00 p.m.)

The stories of 10 songs, dating from the 1930s to the present day, that were considered unsuitable by the BBC for broadcasting on its radio and television stations. Tunes include Lola by the Kinks, Jackie by Scott Walker and (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang by Heaven 17. Pretty tame by today’s standards. mind you.

Most Shocking Talent Show Moments

(Saturday, Channel 5, 5.30 p.m.)

Car crash telly at its best. Countdown of 50 of the most memorable moments from TV talent shows, including Rylan’s outrageous antics on The X Factor in 2012 and life-changing first appearances on Britain’s Got Talent by Susan Boyle and Paul Potts.


(Monday, BBC1, 8.30 p.m.)

In this latest espisode we follow journalist Simon Jack whose father committed suicide at 44. Now he has reached the same age, Simon investigates the circumstances around his dad’s death and asks why more middle-aged men kill themselves than any other group. He speaks to people who have overcome suicidal thoughts, including professional sportsmen who are now trying to help others do the same. Fascinating but upsetting at times.

2,000 tattoos, 40 piercings and a pickled ear

(Tuesday, Channel 5, 10.00 p.m.)

Documentary about three people who have transformed themselves from head to toe with an array of tattoos, piercings and unusual and painful-looking body alterations, looking at the effect it has on their personal and social lives. Each to their own, eh?