Remember the two-second rule

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DRIVERS are being urged to keep their distance this winter.

The Fife Safety Camera Partnership has launched a campaign reminding motorists about safe breaking distances.

The partnership wants drivers to live by the ‘two-second rule’ and has advised on how to do this.

Drivers should watch the vehicle in front of them as they pass a landmark – such as a sign or tree at the side of the road.

As it passes the landmark, start counting ‘one thousand and one, one thousand and two’ or say ‘only a fool breaks the two-second rule’.

If you pass the landmark before you finish saying all eight words, you are following too closely.

Slow down, pick another landmark and repeat the words, to make sure you have increased your following distance.

Partnership manager, Andrew Jones said: “The partnership is flagging up the importance of maintaining stopping distances.

“Stopping distances preserve the space required between vehicles to allow drivers to stop safely if required and the recommended stopping distances should be at least doubled on wet roads.

“Remember, only a fool breaks the two-second rule.”

The two-second rule ensures drivers keep the correct following distance, no matter what speed they’re are travelling at.

When towing a trailer or the road surface is wet or slippery, increase your following distance by counting out to four seconds.

Subject to operational exigencies, the partnership’s mobile camera unit will be operating on local roads, including the A955 Methilhaven Road, Methil and the A92 Kirkcaldy to Dundee.