Remove this eyesore!

Cardenden rundown building Councillor Mark Hood calling for it to be demolished. February 2012.
Cardenden rundown building Councillor Mark Hood calling for it to be demolished. February 2012.
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Cardenden councillor Mark Hood has called on Fife Council to demolish a dilapidated building which local people say is a blight on the community - despite the Council’s insistence that it is not their problem.

Residents are also concerned that the run-down, rat-infested structure on Station Road is now posing a health risk.

Councillor Hood has contacted the Council to urge it to take action after several concerned residents approached him about the building.


Cllr Hood said: “As well as being an eyesore, this building has been a target of vandalism and is infested with vermin. The building poses a real risk to the community and I think it’s time something is done about it.

“I will be pressing Council officers to use all the powers that they have at their disposal to tackle the problem. It is sad that this is one of the first things people see as they get off the train in Cardenden.

“This is not the first impression we want to give visitors when they arrive in our community.”


Lynn Leitch, area housing and neighbourhood team leader, said: “We are aware of the issues and concerns about this privately owned derelict former shop.

“Responsibility for the building lies with the owner and we’ve been in regular contact with him over the past year to try and find a solution to this issue.”

But Cllr Hood said that the Council has powers to act in cases such as this but are reluctant to do so.

“There is legislation called the ‘power of well-being’ which enables the Council to pursue recalcitrant owners of buildings such as this one, and there are others in the town that are in an equally run-down state,” he said. “It is time the building came down and the site was cleared.

“I’m calling on the Council to act upon this and to stop allowing buildings to fall into such a state of disrepair that it negatively impacts on people’s lives in the town.”

Lynn Leitch added that in light of the fresh concerns, the Council will contact the property owner again.