Remploy factory spared as funding is slashed

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LEVEN’S Remploy factory has been spared following a nationwide cull which will see the company close 36 of its 54 factories.

The firm, which provides employment for people with disabilities, will also shed 1752 members of its workforce – 1518 of them disabled – following UK Government funding cuts.

The Banbeath industrial site facility, though, will remain open, meaning continued employment for its 30 members of staff, 29 of whom are disabled.

A spokesman for Remploy told the Mail: “The Leven factory is part of the textile group, and manufactures lifejackets and marine wear.

“The board believes the textile business could become commercially viable without Government subsidy.”

The Government has said it intends to cut Remploy’s cash as soon as possible, so it can concentrate on funding work for disabled people in mainstream employment.

Area MSP Tricia Marwick said the news would be a “huge relief” to the 30 members of staff.

She added: “The decision not to close the factory is a result of the wonderful campaign fought by the workers in Leven.

“The employees have shown great commitment and dedication to Remploy throughout the consultation process by the UK Government and I have no doubt the local factory will now go on to enjoy a very productive future.”

However, although delighted with the news, MP Lindsay Roy urged caution, saying Leven remains on a list of Remploy facilities earmarked for ‘further consideration’.