Rennie urges defence minister to take action over Dalgety Bay radiation

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The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, Willie Rennie MSP, is the latest public figure to urge swift action over radioative material found at a beach at Dalgety Bay.

Mr Rennie has written to Philip Hammond, the Defence Minister to urge swift action to remove radioactive material at the town’s seafront.

Mr Rennie said he is extremely concerned of the effects of this on public health and safety. Mr Rennie wants the Defence Minister to work very closely with SEPA and the Scottish Government to see what can be done to rid the bay of this contaminated material before it starts posing any more of a risk.

His letter follows reports from SEPA that Dalgety bay may be closed because it is now so riddled with radioactive contamination believe to have come from the clinker of wartime aircraft luminous dials.

Mr Rennie’s comments follow local MP, Gordon Brown’s over the matter. THe MP has been working with the local community groups to resolve the matter with the Mod which was formerly based on the site decades ago when the area was a military airfield.

Commenting Mr Rennie said: “This is a really worrying situation for the local community, which seems to be getting worse every day.

“As well as this stopping the public from enjoying the local area, I am worried about the possible risk to public safety as more radioactive waste is discovered. There are reports now that the beach may even have to be closed down.

“I have written to Philip Hammond to urge him to take urgent action on this spiralling situation. He needs to realise the seriousness of the situation for residents.

“I have asked him to work extremely closely with SEPA and Scottish Ministers to explore all possible routes of solving this problem before it starts posing a serious risk to the Dalgety Bay Community.”