Repairs coming to fix broken lights on busy Kirkcaldy Esplanade

Traffic light flattened at east end of high street
Traffic light flattened at east end of high street

It’s one of the busiest junctions in town ... and it has been without traffic lights all month.

Drivers using the junction at the east end of the High Street leading on to the Esplanade, and across to the harbour, have been left to their own devices when trying to turn right across the busy four-lane dual carriageway.

It has meant edging out far enough to see round the car wash at the end of the High Street to head along the waterfront.

And residents in the harbour development have struggled to get across at all, with some abandoning attempts altogether.

Now Fife Council has finally confirmed the lights WILL be repaired.

One set of lights was struck by a car late on Saturday, October 24 .

The incident was reported to Fife Council, and transport officers placed warning signs to let motorists know the lights were out.

One local, who lives in Williamson’s Quay, told the Press that the delay in making the junction safe was unacceptable.

The resident said: “Trying to get in and out of the scheme is a nightmare.

‘‘I have been avoiding making a right turn, crossing four lanes of traffic – it has been too dangerous.

“I thought the repair would take a few days at the most but it’s been nearly two weeks and the lights are still not working.

“I saw at least two near misses.

‘‘The traffic lights need to be fixed as soon as possible - this is an accident waiting to happen.”

The council has confirmed that parts for the lights are due to be delivered tomorrow (Friday).

Angus Broadhurst, lead professional, said: “The traffic light on the central reservation was flattened by a vehicle.

‘‘Warning signs are in place and the linked traffic lights at the Port Brae are working as normal.

“We’ve attempted to repair the traffic light, but the damage is so severe specialist replacement parts are needed.

‘‘These are due to be delivered on Friday and will be installed once we receive them.

“We’re continuing to monitor the situation and ask that drivers approach the junction with care.”