Report cards top of the class

0111062 SSFF stock kirkcaldy hs 'stock photo Kirkcaldy - kirkcaldy hs, kirkcaldy
0111062 SSFF stock kirkcaldy hs 'stock photo Kirkcaldy - kirkcaldy hs, kirkcaldy

THE RECTORS of two Kirkcaldy secondaries have reported strong performances and achievements at their schools.

Derek Allan from Kirkcaldy High and Adrian Watt from Viewforth High attended Wednesday’s Kirkcaldy Area Committee to present individual reports on their school’s attainment and achievement from 2010-2011.

Mr Allan said his second years had performed well in reading, writing and maths.

He said there was a slight dip in the SQA results for fourth year pupils in 2011 but Higher results for fifth and sixth years were the best achieved in 12 years.

Mr Allan also revealed that one of the schools’s most successful subjects was Higher latin.

He said: “It is one of our most successful departments and we are very proud of that.

‘‘There has also been huge achievement by pupils in Higher Graphic Design and Technology which teaches kids manufacturing skills preparing them for jobs in that industry as well as in renewables and engineering.”


Councillor Neil Crooks, who represents Kirkcaldy North, said he was pleased to hear about the success of Higher latin.

He added: ”The teacher is absolutely passionate about the subject and there is a definite correlation between that and the achievement of the pupils. The improvements are extraordinary.”

Mr Allan also mentioned the success of a trip to Auschwitz and the resulting presentations given by pupils and the armistice ceremony at the school’s own war memorial.

Concern was raised about the 10 per cent pupil absence level but Mr Allan said programmes were being put in place to try and combat this.

Adrian Watt said pupil attainment by the end of second year was good with progress being maintained in reading and writing.

He highlighted the performance of fourth year pupils in standard grade exams and said during fifth year an extra 19 per cent achieved five or more level five qualifications. The number of pupils achieving one, three or five highers also increased.

He said: “I want to thank the staff for their dedication and commitment as well as the pupils themselves. I take a lot of pleasure in the success.”

Lawrence Brown, councillor for Kirkcaldy East, highlighted the positive attitude of the pupils towards Viewforth and said the good work achieved was down to the dedication of the teachers.