Report wants turbines to benefit residents

Wind turbine
Wind turbine

A NEW report says more must be done to ensure communities affected by large wind farm developments can reap benefits.

With substantial expansion of wind energy already under way, the report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation looks at the ways any negative impacts on communities can be redressed.

It says action is needed to ensure growing wind farm expansion is matched by help for neighbouring communities.

Katharine Knox, programme manager for place at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said: “Climate change requires us to develop new forms of renewable energy, but not at the expense of social justice.

“The areas seeing intensive wind farm development are often places with below-average incomes, so it’s important disadvantaged areas do not miss out on the benefits of investment.

“Action is needed to ensure that communities which live in the vicinity of wind farms are supported to become more resilient in the long term.”