Resident claims bins are attracting rats

A resident has called on Fife Council to fix the bin issue he claims has attracted rats.

Friday, 12th January 2018, 7:34 am
Updated Friday, 12th January 2018, 9:20 am

David Raynor (45) of Freeborn Court, St Andrews, says the block of 29 council flats he lives in has just one bin store, which is often overflowing, attracting rats and gulls.

He is calling on Fife Council to provide more bins and tackle the issue.

“It is an ongoing problem because there is just one bin store for the 29 flats,” David explained.

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“By the time the collectors come the bins are full and there are bags of rubbish everywhere.

“Because the bins are overflowing, people have seen rats.

“Plus gulls are now throwing rubbish all over the street.

“It’s just going to get worse and worse.”

He says the issue was worse over the Christmas period due to the lack of bin collections.

David says he wants action to be taken before the problem gets worse.

“Everyone has been complaining about this but nothing has been done,” he said.

“We need another bin store.

“The flats opposite have two big bin stores.

“We have 29 flats, with lots of families and kids, and a lot more rubbish, and just one bin store.”

Gavin Smith, housing manager at Fife Council, said: “The Council has received complaints about lack of capacity, access to the bins and the security of the bin store at Freeborn Court.

“The council has been working with Robertson Homes as the developer and Newton Property Management as the property factor to address each of these issues since the development was handed over.

“Housing Services are continuing to seek a meeting with Robertson Homes and Newton Property Management to increase capacity of the bin store.

“Interim arrangements have been made to extend the paving area around the bin store to allow some bins to be placed to the rear, but it is recognised that bin store capacity is an issue across the development, including Freeborn Court.”

And speaking about the concerns over rats, Mr Smith said: “The Council has responded to reports of vermin over the past year, but not from the bin store area.

“The priority is to deal with an issue of dumping at the bin store and this is being cleared today (January 5)

“Appropriate follow up arrangements have been made with Pest Control Services to ensure that the area is clear.”