Resident’s concern at speeding drivers on Dysart blackspot

Mr Nisbet, pictured after the damage to his own garden in 2014, wants action on the road
Mr Nisbet, pictured after the damage to his own garden in 2014, wants action on the road

A Dysart resident has spoken of his frustration at Fife Council’s apparent lack of action over speeding drivers outside his home.

Tom Nisbet has lived on Normand Road for thirteen years - and there have been five crashes on the street since 2010.

The latest happened just two weeks ago - and now Mr Nisbet says something must be done before someone is killed.

During this latest incident, which happened just after 11pm on Sunday, October 11, a car came off the road, shoving a parked vehicle into a neighbour’s garden.

The occupants of the car fled the scene and police enquires are still ongoing, however they did confirm the vehicle involved had been registered as stolen.

Just 12 months ago, Mr Nisbet was facing his own clear-up after a car left the road and ended up in his front garden, completely destroying a wall which had to be repaired to the tune of £10,000.

“Someone could have been killed,” said Mr Nisbet. “You can replace a wall, you can replace a car, but you can’t replace a person.”

Mr Nisbet told the Press he doesn’t understand why Fife Council hasn’t implemented speed restrictions on the road, when similar routes in East Wemyss and beyond have speed bumps and lower limits.

Ian Smith, lead professional, traffic management, said following concerns from residents and local councillors, a review of the crash record from the St Clair Street roundabout to the Boreland roundabout was underway.

“Speed surveys have been taken on Dysart Road and Normand Road and police crash reports over recent years have been analysed to identify what upgrade measures are required,” he said. “The results of the speed surveys from February 2015 show a mean speed on Normand Road in the low 20s and on Dysart Road in the low 30s. These results have been copied to police to aid their speed limit enforcement regime.

“The results of the review will be discussed at a meeting with ward councillors in early November as part of the consultation on what traffic calming measures should be included in the Area Transportation Works Programme for 2016/17.”