Residents and businesses claim needles were in Links Street rubbish

Rubbish bag, allegedly containing hyperdermic needles, left outside Shelter. Picture by FPA.
Rubbish bag, allegedly containing hyperdermic needles, left outside Shelter. Picture by FPA.

A load of rubbish dumped outside the front door of a Kirkcaldy charity shop included used needles, it has been claimed.

A worried resident who contacted the Press last week said he had seen the used syringes spilling onto the street from bags of household waste left outside the Shelter charity shop on Links Street.

The rubbish, which was enclosed in clear plastic, similar to that covering furniture, appeared last Wednesday morning on the street.

However when the man returned to the spot a short time later, he said the needles had been cleared away, and when we investigated there were no signs of any in the area.

The man, who said he lived nearby, said he was worried that curious youngsters could have been injured by the needles.

“They just appeared next to the commercial waste bin put out by the charity shop overnight and as soon as I saw them I phoned the police to let them know and was told to contact the Council’s environmental health department, but it was shut for the holidays,” he explained.

“When I went back the needles had gone and the area tidied up a bit. Luckily it was a miserable day and there weren’t any children around. Usually there are lots of kids around during the holidays.”

Ann Curtis, assistant manager at the Shelter shop, said she had received a phonecall warning her to be careful if she was putting rubbish out because needles had been spotted on the pavement.

“I was horrified when I heard this, but when I looked I couldn’t see any. I would hate to think that a child could be injured.

“There’s a car parking area behind the shop and we are always getting old matresses and rubbish dumped there.”

Brenda McIlhatton of Bubbles Boutique added: “We have had a problem with needles in the past, and dumped rubbish is an ongoing issue here.”

Damien Woods, service manager for streets and open spaces, said: “We endeavour to uplift any needles from public spaces within two hours of a call. If a member of the public finds any illegally dumped waste or hypodermic needles in public spaces, it should be reported to Fife Council contact centre on 03451 550000. This will be directed to the appropriate service to be investigated. If any evidence is found identifying the offender then a fine may be issued.”