Residents’ anger over Kirkcaldy nightclub opening hours extension

Kitty's 'Kirkcaldy
Kitty's 'Kirkcaldy

Residents living in Kirkcaldy town centre say they face losing even more sleep at the weekends after a nightclub was granted a further extension to its opening hours.

Kitty’s nightclub in Hunter Street was granted the extension from 3am until 4am on Saturday mornings at a recent meeting of the Fife Licensing Board.

But residents in the area have described the move as “ridiculous” and a “nightmare” while the chairman of the Kirkcaldy West Community Council said it is “a step too far.”

The popular nightclub is now licensed to operate from 11am until 3am on Thursdays, and from 11am to 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.

At the Licensing Board hearing an agent representing Kitty’s said the move would benefit customers, residents and the wider town community.

However David Henderson, chairman of the community council said it was only the club’s owner, fast food outlets and taxi drivers who would gain, while those living in the vicinity would suffer even more.

“It is ridiculous to think that this is a good move for the town, and it really is a step too far,” he said.

“The board members did not listen to the views of local people who are being subjected to noise and disturbance the whole night through from Friday to Sunday.

“They say that the longer opening allows gradual dispersal of people, but it is often not the level of noise, but the length of time it goes on that is worse for the people who have to live with it, many who were there long before the nightclub was.”

Another resident, who did not wish to be named, told the Press: “They may get rid of the last person from Kitty’s at 4am, but you can guarantee that we will have shouting, swearing and urinating in our gardens or closes for long after that.”