Residents’ assocation seeks new members

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IF you care about the Kennoway community and have ideas on how to make it better, then a local group wants to hear from you.

Kennoway Area Tenants and Residents Association (KATRA) is looking to recruit new members into its ranks.

And it would especially like to hear from younger people who would like to be involved in their community.

“The average age of people on lots of these types of committee is 60-plus,” said secretary Joe Cochrane. “We need to encourage the next generation to get involved.

“We offer tenants and residents a better way to communicate their concerns and issues to juggernauts like Fife Council which can, at the best of times, be daunting, formidable adversaries to tackle on their own.”

Citing last week’s article in the Mail about the demise of the Methilhill Forum, Mr Cochrane acknowledged that there were many ways of communicating issues to Fife Council but pointed out that most people were afraid to deal with such an organisation on their own.

“It’s the old divide and conquer type of thinking,” he added.

“People are stronger if they get together to tackle problems.”

Having councillors, an MP and and MSPs in regular attendance at a meeting was also a quick way of finding fast, possible solutions to queries.

“Our meetings are conducted in a relaxed and informal manner,” Mr Cochrane added.

“We do not stand on ceremony at the Association and tend to encourage open discussion to thrash out the best way forward to overcome each issue.”

The next meeting is on Tuesday, September 18 at 6.45pm in Kennoway British Legion.

Anybody with an urgent problem can also contact KATRA via the web site