Residents’ backing for new path project

LOCAL people have given plans for a multi-use path between Balmullo and Leuchars a resounding ‘thumbs up’.

The project – which has been overseen by Irene McNair of Balmullo Community Council – has involved extensive consultations with people in the communities of Balmullo, Leuchars and Guardbridge.

A total of 611 feedback survey forms were returned last year, and more than 99 per cent of those who responded were supportive of the project.

The path has also received support from local councillors and North East Fife MSP, Iain Smith, as well as from the community councils in Leuchars and Balmullo.


Irene said: “it is clear from the results of the survey that there is very strong support for the development of a multi-use path.

“The C25 road that links Leuchars and Balmullo has no pavement on it and there are a number of difficult bends which make it a hazard for both cyclists and pedestrians.

“It is clear that a new path would be well used and would encourage people to use it for both work and leisure purposes”.

Zoe Sanders and Carroll Finnie from Balmullo and Leuchars Community Councils are also very supportive of the project, which would link with the cycle path that runs from St Andrews to Leuchars, and thus encourage people to cycle into St Andrews.

Local councillors Tim Brett and Maggie Taylor said: “Irene McNair and others on Balmullo Community Council should be congratulated on the work they have done to demonstrate the need for this improvement.


“Balmullo is not linked by any cycle paths or footpaths to other communities and therefore people are forced to either use their car or make use of public transport.

“The development of a path would fit with Fife Council’s target to be the leading green council and would also have health benefits as more individuals would be encouraged to cycle or walk.”

Councillor Taylor added: “It is my understanding that discussions are underway with the relevant land owners to see whether a route can be found that will allow this vital project to proceed.

“I know that everyone in the community hopes that this may be possible in the near future as this would provide a much-needed link from Balmullo down to the railway station at Leuchars and on to Guardbridge and St Andrews.”