Residents band together to help combat antisocial behaviour

Harbour Place in Burntisland.
Harbour Place in Burntisland.

Residents have banded together to help combat the antisocial behaviour which has seen residents assaulted and even urinated on.

The first step towards a new residents association in Burntisland was made this week, after residents of Harbour Place have had problems with aggressive drunks and drug users lingering in the area.

However, a small victory has been declared after Shelagh Brooks, known locally as Morag, could now be moved by the council after being subjected to abuse and assaults in her stairwell.

Morag is said to be still considering if she will move.

She was unable to spend Christmas in her own home at Harbour Place and has been spending the last few months living with friends as she is to scared to go home.

At an initial meeting of residents this week, a plan was made to consolidate the new residents association.

Burntisland councillor Gordon Langlands said the new group would help give residents a louder voice.

“The meeting went very well. We had some very enthusiastic residents come along. We discussed some of the issues and a representative from Fife Council advised us.

“We’re now going to call a larger public meeting next month to setup a residents group.

“This is the way to go. Instead of one individual putting their hand up and saying ‘I’ve got a problem’, it’s people representing a much larger group.”

The public meeting is set to be held at the Burntisland Library on February 15.