Residents call time on town clock repairs

The clock face on St Marys Church on Leslie High Street is in need of repair
The clock face on St Marys Church on Leslie High Street is in need of repair

Residents in Leslie are calling time on Fife Council for what they claim are unacceptable delays to the repair of their town clock.

It’s thought to be the first time in over 120 years that the clock, which sits within the St Mary’s Catholic Church in the centre of the town, has been left idle following the clock face being damaged during a storm in March.

Resident Brian Coyle told the Gazette that fears were growing that further damage could be caused if left in its current state.

“It’s a local historical landmark and many rely on the clock to keep time, it should have been repaired by now,” said Mr Coyle.

Fife Council is responsible for the maintenance of the clock but allowing access to the clock itself is within the remit of the Church. Gaining access to the clock, requires going up wooden ladders at height.

Alan Paterson Property Services said: “Both the Church and Fife Council are keen to have the clock repaired as soon as possible.

“The wooden ladders which give access up the tower are extremely old and no longer meet modern safety standards.

“Safety is our first priority and at this stage it would be unsafe for maintenance teams to undertake work.

“To assist in improving the access, the Council has provided some possible solutions which the church is now considering. Together, we hope to find a solution so repairs can be made.”