Residents’ eyesore just not fair play

Overgrown state of playpark at Kilmux Park, Kennoway. Scheme is a Lomond Homes development
Overgrown state of playpark at Kilmux Park, Kennoway. Scheme is a Lomond Homes development

HOUSEHOLDERS in Kennoway are demanding action over the state of a playpark.

Residents in Kilmux Park are proud of the tidiness of the houses and gardens across the development – in stark contrast to the play facility, which is in a heavily overgrown state.

Villagers have tried to cut the grass themselves but removing the cuttings afterwards has proved difficult.

Now they hope the developer, Lomond Homes, will take action.

The development was originally built nine years ago but the playpark was not added until six years later, and residents claimed that maintenance since then had been very sparse.

One resident, Lynda Clark, said they wanted the park kept respectable, to match the neighbourhood.

“All our gardens are kept really tidy,” she told the Mail.

“I’m sure there would be letters if we were to leave our gardens in the same state as the park.

“A lot of time and effort is put into our gardens but it’s a nightmare, as seeds from the weeds blow on to our gardens and we cant get rid of them, because they are left to grow and flower.”

Mrs Clark added: “A neighbour cut the grass himself last year and my husband had thought about cutting this year, but the problem is trying to get the grass removed.

“It took years to have the park completed and, when it was it was finally done, it looked like it was with the cheapest materials available.

“The path is loose, black mixture – not sure of what – and any child using it comes home with their shoes and socks all stained with what looks like crushed-up coal.”

Some of the play equipment has also become damaged and broken, added Mrs Clark, while the state of the park was a potential turn-off for any prospective house buyers.

“I can’t imagine any place letting a park go like that,” she said.

“It should not be allowed. It’s a total eyesore.”

Residents thought Fife Council had responsibility for the upkeep of the playpark but a spokesman said it remained the responsibility of the developer.

“It has never been adopted by the council, so we don’t maintain it,” added the spokesman. “The developer still owns it.”

Lomond Homes has so far not commented, despite several approaches by the Mail.