Residents fear large scale expansion of Fife village is unsustainable

Plans for third large housing development has angered many villagers.Plans for third large housing development has angered many villagers.
Plans for third large housing development has angered many villagers.
Concerns have been raised that a third major housing development earmarked for Aberdour is is taking its toll on residents.

Ian Fleming, chairman of the village’s community council told the Press that the latest proposals revealed by Campion Homes in the last week, to build 80 new homes at the Nether Bouprie Farm site, could have a huge impact on the community.

The planning application follows hot on the heels of Cala Home’s controversial plans to build 80-100 homes in the village, and a proposal for a further 125 houses at the Hillside School site.

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There has been an unprecedented level of opposition to the two planning applications from local residents who fear the community could not cope with that level of expansion.

“Some may see it merely as nimby-ism but the people of Aberdour have very real concerns over the scale of the development proposed here and how it will impact on the road infrastructure, schools, and the local environment,” said Mr Fleming.The Hillside School application alone has attracted over 450 objections.

“You’d be hard pressed to find another community facing the same massive scale of development in proportion to its size as Aberdour is currenly facing. “ he added.

“With residents on all three sides of the village affected by the plans, there are concerns over people’s well being and welfare.

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“Many people are not objecting to the idea of new and affordable homes in the village but there has to be a gradual and sympathetic plan, not the dumping of large scale housing development as we have before us.

“People are rightly asking where will it all stop?”

“The community council is not an activist’s group, we will assess and represent the opinion of the village and await the full details of this latest site proposal before deciding whether to support of oppose this latest development.

A formal application from Campion Homes is expected to be lodged with Fife Council early in the new year, following a consultation process.