Residents glee as Markinch housing plan opposed

The Glebe, Markinch
The Glebe, Markinch

Long-standing opponents of plans to turn a natural wildlife habitat in Markinch into a housing estate are on the brink of winning their fight.

Councillors attending Glenrothes Area Committee today, (Wednesday), have been advised not to carry the housing proposal at the Glebe, Brunton Road, forward into the FIFEplan following following numerous concerns and objections raised by residents.

Objections focused on the amount of peat excavation required, necessitating up to 30 daily round trips by lorries using roads objectors say are unsuitable.

It was argued that the Glebe should be protected and promoted as a wildlife habitat.

Many local people also expressed fears about flooding which could overwhelm the burn and undermine the stability of nearby properties.

In a report to councillors, planning officers say the area “is considered to be a non-effective site” and therefore not carried forward.

The news was welcomed by campaigners, community groups and councillors alike.

Councillor Kay Morrison was quick to congratulate those she referred to as the “indefatigable residents who tenaciously highlighted the issues so thoroughly and convincingly.”

She added: “This is an example of an effective, strong, informed community voice, it is community engagement at its best.”

Angela High, chairman of Markinch Community Council welcomed the news.

She said: “It’s important in these situations that the public’s voice is considered.

“We readily acknowledge the need for new housing but the environmental impact with the Brunton Road proposal gave concerns for possible flooding.

“Any such plans should be environmentally sustainable and this one relating to the Glebe clearly wasn’t.”