Residents kick up a stink over smell

Lindsay Roy MP
Lindsay Roy MP

OVER 1000 people have signed a petition making a strong statement to say they are sick and tired of the stench known locally as the ‘Methil ming’.

The petition, launched by MP Lindsay Roy, calls on Scottish Water to take action over the problem which has long been blamed on Levenmouth’s waste water treatment works, off Methilhaven Road.

Mr Roy set it up as part of a short campaign to gauge the strength of public opinion about the offensive odour which has plagued the area on and off for years and is delighted at the response so far.

He said: “Many constituents have told me that the stink makes their lives a misery, but Scottish Water is failing to tackle the problem.

“I want to find out just how strong the disgust is locally and last week put copies of a petition demanding that the utility company takes urgent action into shops, pubs etc in the area.

“The response so far leaves me in no doubt that people are fed up to the back teeth with this and want something done now.”

Copies of the petition, which can still be signed, have been distributed throughout various shops, pubs and community centres in Methil and Methilhill.

Mr Roy, who revealed last week he was to meet with Scottish Water, plans to collect all petition sheets and collate the signatures and then present them to the water authority before the end of the month.

The MP added: “My intention is to use the petition at the stakeholder meeting in June to illustrate to the company just how strong local feeling is.

“They cannot go on hiding behind false promises for ever – it is their problem and they must deal with it.”