Residents look to join forces to fight troublemakers

Issues at Harbour Place in Burntisland have been highlighted.
Issues at Harbour Place in Burntisland have been highlighted.

A meeting has been called this week to set up a residents association in a trouble hotspot in Burntisland, in the hope of tackling antisocial behaviour.

The meeting, this Thursday, aims to bring together those living in the Harbour area, where there has been a number of reports relating to aggressive drunks lingering.

There have been reports of people sleeping rough in closes.

There have been reports of people sleeping rough in closes.

Concerns have been raised by some residents that Fife Council must do more to protect the people living in the area.

But Councillor Gordon Langlands says that by grouping together, residents can speak with a louder voice when looking for problems to be addressed.

“We’ve got some drug-related issues, right now in Sommerville Square, we’ve got some noise issues, and antisocial issues at Harbour Place, there are also a couple of issues with litter – all sorts of issue which get swept under the carpet.

“If this takes off and we get a committee formed on Thursday, we can do a walk around with council officials and we’ll get a list of things that need attention.

“The other thing is that it can bring the community together, there’ll be a community spirit that comes out of this.

“If I go to the council to complain, there’s a big difference between that and going as part of a residents’ group to represent 300 people. It just gives residents a bigger voice.”

The meeting to organise the residents association is at the Parish Church Hall, Thursday, February 15, at 7pm.

It has previously been reported that some residents have come under attack in stairwells on Harbour Place, with assaults, alcohol abuse, and people sleeping in closes.

The incidents have sparked a string of complaints and anger was voice by locals at a tense meeting of the Burntisland Community Council in January.

Afterwards, a letter was sent by community council chairman Alex MacDonald to Fife Council warning about the danger of “vigilante action” if the council does not intervene.

“We were left in no doubt that the residents in that vicinity are at the end of their tether in terms of what is or is not acceptable. In particular, there is clear evidence of a desire on the part of some to instigate what can only be described as vigilante action to remove or disable the offenders.

“That is clearly a step which we do not support and which would serve only to inflame public disorder and make a difficult situation significantly worse.”

The letter continues: “There remains a widespread perception that interventions by both Fife Council and Police Scotland have to date been ineffective and / or slow and / or low profile. That perception leads to a fundamental lack of confidence in what should be the statutory authorities.

“Our view is that the time for action is long overdue. There is an urgent need to have a visible intervention at that locus by the appropriate agencies to ensure that law-abiding people can reside safely and comfortably in their homes.

“The assistance of you and your colleagues in that respect would be greatly welcomed.”