Residents muck in on street clean-up

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OVERFLOWING rubbish in a Methil street is to be the target of a new community clean-up venture.

Environmental group volunteers and others working to enhance the community hope to liaise with residents in Taylor Street to remove dollops of rubbish littering some gardens.

Incorrect use of Fife Council’s four-bin system – allied to the council’s refusal to lift bins containing the wrong kind of waste – have led to bins brimming over and rubbish being strewn across some parts of the street.

Bin stores were also being used to pack refuse, but many of these were also now full and spilling over.

Members of Levenmouth’s community safety enhancement group – comprising MyBus, Fife Council and Levenmouth Community Safety Panel – are planning a renewed focus on the rubbish problem and hope to liaise with residents and landlords over the need to keep the area tidy.

Efforts are also continuing to provide fencing in the street, to separate the gardens and encourage more care and pride in the surroundings.

Indiscriminate rubbish dumping and ‘fly tipping’ are among the priorities for police action nominated by local people at Lower Methil’s community engagement meetings.

And, at the latest meeting last week, Aberhill was said to be the area’s worst place for it by far.

Those attending felt more responsibility should be taken by some householders – and landlords – over rubbish disposal and recycling.

Talks were likely in the next few days over a possible clean-up and other efforts to address the difficulties.

Later, MyBus’ chief executive officer and enhancement group member, Mary Parry, told the Mail: “We are hoping to try and resolve the problem with the bins in Taylor Street and build more fences to divide the properties – we would appreciate the private landlords and the residents working with us.”

Residents would be enouraged too to speak to their local councillors and Fife Council about the difficulties.

Ms Parry added the enhancement group represented “a good partnership” between housing, regeneration, environmental and police representatives, and others, and even more could be achieved with the community on board.

Fife Council was aware some householders were still having difficulty managing waste and urged them to contact the recycling helpline on 08451 550022, where assistance could be arranged.