Residents reassured on doorstep crime

The gathering at Methil
The gathering at Methil

Levenmouth has proudly staged the first event of its kind in Fife, designed to provide safety advice among potentially vulnerable groups.

The Kingdom’s ‘Young at Heart’ doorstep crime event was hosted by the Levenmouth Community Safety Panel, at Methil Community Learning Centre, to an invited audience of 100 people.

This event was delivered to provide people with the tools to protect themselves and other people in their areas

Agencies taking part include Police Scotland, Scottish Fire Service, Fife Safety Partnership, Fife Elderly Forum, NHS, Arden House Project, Active Fife and Greener Kirkcaldy.

The occasion was hailed as a success, with its main focus being doorstep crime, where the trend of uninvited callers attending vulnerable people’s doors, offering services and goods, continues.

As many local householders know – some to their cost – these individuals tend to have little or no experience of the work they are offering, thereafter charging exorbitant amounts for very poor work, little or even no work.

Organisers reckoned it was important to ensure that people were given the tools to deal with these kind of unwelcome visitors to keep them safe.

Sergeant Colin Falconer, of Fife Division preventions team, said: “Every year, we see a growing trend of despicable individuals, willing to prey on the vulnerable members of our communities.

“In an effort to support these people, we have to provide additional support and re-educate people to be aware we can no longer trust everybody who attends at your door.

“This event was delivered to provide people with the tools to protect themselves and other people in their areas.”

Dawn Adamson, lead Trading Standards officer, added: “We were delighted to be able to take part in this event, as the more people we can get the message out to about this type of crime, the better.

“The majority of people who knock at your door are likely to be genuine.

“However, it’s important to know that some are rogue traders and criminals, so be on your guard and never let anyone in to your home that you do not know.

“If you have any concerns about an unexpected caller coming to the door, do not open it, but report any suspicions to Police Scotland on 101 or Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040506”.

In addition to the serious messages and information received from the agencies, the audience was entertained by pupils from Aberhill Primary and Kirkland High Schools.

Bill Campbell, Safety Panel chairman, said: “The panel is always looking for ways to provide safety information to the vulnerable members of our community and this event may become a regular item in our calendar for future groups.”