Residents still in limbo on unfinished Burntisland development

David Torrance meets residents of Langdale Rise, the Deveron Homes development in Burntisland which has gone into administration
David Torrance meets residents of Langdale Rise, the Deveron Homes development in Burntisland which has gone into administration

Scunnered residents on a Burntisland housing estate where the builder went into administration say they are no further forward than they were three months ago.

Home owners at Langdale Rise, where Deveron Homes called in administrators on July 4, have been left hundreds of pounds out of pocket having repairs and work done to complete gardens and walls which were left unfinished.

Claire Paterson (33), who has lived on the estate with her husband and two kids for a year, said the entrance road as well as roads and pavements in the development were “a real mess” and she lives in fear of temporary fencing blowing over and damaging her car.

“We don’t know what’s happening and nobody is telling us anything,” she said.

“The roads and pavements are an eyesore there are lots of potholes and it’s only going to get worse when winter comes.”

Another householder was forced to pay a company to carry out outstanding work on her house and reclaim it back through the HSBC.

John MacDonald (71) who moved into his home in May said: “It’s the lack of information that’s the main problem because we can’t plan anything.

“We all paid factoring fees and have heard nothing more about what has happened to that money. We’re concerned about a possible mudslide from the soil which was piled up behind the houses when excavation work was done, and children have been playing up there.

“There’s a bond in place for the roads, but nobody has heard anything from Fife Council and there’s an unfinished house which is just sitting there. It’s all very frustrating.”

Margaret-Ann Anderson (75) said she had paid Deveron to do her front and back garden which hadn’t been done.

“It has cost me another £3500 to have it done and my son is now trying to claim the money back,” she explained. “It’s fair to say we are livid.”

Residents living next to the site have also expressed concerns about temporary repair work on pipes next to their properties which are leaking, as well as potholes on the section of road at the entrance to the estate.

David Torrance MSP who is supporting the residents, said: “It’s outrageous that they remain in the dark about the future of the site, months after Deveron went under.

“I have asked the administrators to provide me with information about what is going on.”

A spokesman for administrators KPMG, said: “The Burntisland site is complex in nature and therefore, alongside our specialist property agents and legal advisors, we have been working to obtain and gather the necessary technical and legal information.

“We have been in contact with the council to ensure it is aware of our appointment and considers any options there may be for assisting the residents.

“We have been progressing matters as quickly as possible and will continue to do so as we work towards the ultimate goal of a sale of the site. We appreciate the residents’ patience to date.”