Residents vote ‘yes’ to ‘MyBowl’ venture

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SCOONIE bowling green looks like it could be saved after nearly every respondent to a consultation on the Scoonie Crescent facility’s future insisted on it being retained.

Methil-based MyBus distributed 400 questionnaires asking for feedback on its proposal to take over the running of the bowling green site, after Scoonie Bowling Club closed for the final time in September, at the end of the bowls season.

A number of options were presented but local residents overwhelmingly backed the bowling green being kept as part of any plan.

MyBus manager Mary Parry described the response as fantastic: “We got over a 25 per cent return on the forms we put out and overall the responses were very positive.

“About 90 per cent of those want to see the bowling green retained.

“What was also prominent was that people wanted some sort of community tea-room, which is a brilliant idea.”

MyBus announced earlier this year it wanted to take over the 90-year-old building when it closed but for any of its plans to come to fruition the group will need to secure the lease for the site and is currently in talks with Fife Council.

In the meantime Ms Parry added MyBus is looking to gain access to the building from Scoonie Bowling Club, which will officially remain the leaseholder until the end of March 2012, to see what work needs carried out inside.

Ms Parry continued: “The kitchen will need to be upgraded and the toilets made accessible but we are hopeful of coming to an agreement so that this can be done in time for it to be opened when the new season starts in April.”

If the project does manage to get its feet off the ground it would be run as a financially independent social enterprise with a mixture of paid staff and volunteers.

Money would need to be found through fundraising and grants, to supplement money raised from the tea room and bowling green, which would be open to the public on either a pay as you play or membership basis.

MyBus also wants to use the facility as a training venue for catering and green-keeping apprentices.