Return of ‘Methil ming’ has residents gagging

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THE notorious ‘Methil ming’ has reared its odorous head in Levenmouth yet again.

However, despite its more regular presence this summer, residents are not picking up the phone to report the stink to Scottish Water.

Instead, complaints about Levenmouth’s waste water treatment works are being directed to the office of local MP Lindsay Roy.

Affected resident Brian Kemp, who lives in Wellesley Road, Denbeath said: “I usually only smell it at Sainsbury’s in Leven but recently it’s been present in Denbeath.

“When there were high-pressure weather conditions, the smell was there virtually every day.

“To my shame, I’ve never reported the matter to Scottish Water and I suspect a lot of other people are the same. I’ve spoken to a number of people who have mentioned it.”

In 2006 the community breathed a sigh of relief when the plant installed new sludge dryers, replacing old equipment thought to be responsible for the ‘Methil ming’.

However, although odours were less frequent following that improvement, residents kicked up an almighty stink in 2009 after the community was hit by the putrid pong yet again.

Last July, in a bid to finally get to the root of the smelly source, Scottish Water hired sewage works specialist Professor Robert Jackson to conduct a detailed site inspection and examine the plant’s technical data and operational records.

He has made a number of recommendations and is expected to dicuss his findings at a stakeholder meeting later this month.

Lindsay Roy, who will be attending that meeting, is urging residents to report smells to Scottish Water so an accurate and up-to-date picture of the problem can be drawn up.

“From Scottish Water’s supplied statistics, it looked as if there had been an improvement,” he said.

“However, in the last week, we have had several contacts to our office from different parts of the Levenmouth area, complaining of unsavoury odours.

“I have been resolute with Scottish Water in trying to bring about improvements for the residents in the area and remain determined that this ongoing problem will be brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

“The people of Levenmouth deserve nothing less.”

Anne Marie Dewar, Scottish Water’s regional community manager for Levenmouth, confirmed the authority had recorded a decrease in customer complaints compared to the same period last year.

However, Scottish Water would continue to monitor the situation.

She said: “We encourage residents to contact our Customer Helpline directly on 0845 601 8855, in order to report any such issues, allowing us to investigate.”

The matter would be discussed further at this month’s stakeholder meeting, she confirmed.