Reunited .. thanks to our readers

John Henderson, Isabel Henderson, Isabell Birrell, Robert Birrell, Bill Millar
John Henderson, Isabel Henderson, Isabell Birrell, Robert Birrell, Bill Millar

A couple from Canada has expressed their gratitude to the Mail after an appeal to find family members in the local area came up trumps.

Last week, the Mail featured a plea from Dennis and Grace Bastien who live in Ontario, Canada for information on long-lost relatives who they believed were still in the Levenmouth area.

And just hours after the paper hit stands, two direct relatives had come forward, with details of even more family members living close by.

Robert and Isabell Birrell live in Buckhaven, and Isabell is the granddaughter of Robert and Isabella Imrie, also Grace’s grandparents, making her a first cousin.

Grace Bastien’s father David Mitchell Imrie was one of six children born to the Imrie’s who lived in Lundin Links.

David left aged 15, and sadly never returned to Scotland, but according to Dennis and Grace, he always spoke fondly of his home country.

Commenting on their new found relatives, Dennis said he was “all choked up” to hear that the appeal had been successful in such a short space of time.

The two couples were able to speak on the phone on Thursday.

“It was quite an emotional conversation, as you can imagine, talking with someone who has a direct link to your heritage,” said Dennis. “They are a dear couple who gave us the news that their are several more cousins in the area and even one in Australia.”

Isabell added: “I’m awfully pleased we’ve been able to get in contact with them. I have always longed to hear about my cousins, and it was a wee bit emotional on the phone.”