Rev up and join new bike club

The club wants to build an all-weather facility
The club wants to build an all-weather facility

Aiming to keep young motorcycle enthusiasts on the right track, six ex-soldiers from the Black Watch and Queens Own Highlanders have pulled together to form an off road bike club.

The military men have resurrected the idea after previous attempts to start the project failed.

The club has recently received Big Lottery Funding and are running training classes for young kids in the area.

The club has recently received Big Lottery Funding and are running training classes for young kids in the area.

Kingdom Offroad Motorcycle Club (KORMC) is running a 12 week course aimed at giving young people a place to enjoy their the leisure pursuit.

A lack of motorcycling facilities for young people in the Levenmouth area led the club organisers to identify new ground.

“We have identified an appropriate track near Leuchars,” said Dave Paton. “KORMC are hoping for this pilot programme to support their long-term aim of having a permanent arrangement for young motorcycle enthusiasts.

“Just like young footballers have plenty of football pitches, we need places for these young people to ride their motorbikes, safely.”

The club also provides educational sessions which focus on the law, the dangers of illegal off road motorcycling, understanding views of the community and responsible and legal riding.

A successful bid for money from lottery fund Awards for All, has given the club a chance to plan for the long term.

Dave explained: “We are now setting our sights on longer term funding to secure facilities for motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to participate in off road riding in a controlled and safe environment.”

No stranger to the indoor track at the club’s former location Methil Brae Steelworks Indoor Track, Matthew Fleming, British Youth Champion, will be helping with the coaching sessions at the club.

KORMC are on the lookout for volunteers and committee members, particularly those with professional skills that could aid in the building of an all weather facility.

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Police in Levenmouth have welcomed the KORMC scheme, which they believe can teach those who have previously been caught riding an off-road bikes illegally the importance of safety and maintenance. Inspector Tom Brown said: “ We fully support the objectives of the club and see it as a positive step to divert youths from illegal activity into a safe environment to enjoy the thrills and spills of using off-road motorbikes.

“There’s no doubt this is an excellent opportunity and we refer local offenders to the club so they can access the facilities the club provides. By having access to off-road bikes they learn the importance of safety and also how to maintain a motorbike.

“It is always encouraging to work with partner agencies to reduce crime and prevent reoffending. The initiative clearly supports the key objectives of Operation Reflector to prevent the illegal use of off-road motorbikes.”