Revamp to bring people into Kirkcaldy Town Square

Picture by Fife Photo Agency
Picture by Fife Photo Agency

Kirkcaldy’s Town Square is undergoing a transformation at the moment with new landscaping work being done to open up the area to the public and make it look more modern.

Old trees and shrubs which blocked the square off from the main road leading from the train station to the bus station were removed some months ago to take away the physical barrier to the square.

Now work to create a more contemporary and open space for the public to enjoy and encourage them into the square to use it more is being carried out.

A ramped pathway has been created leading to a circular seating area with paving and the town’s coat of arms, while new railings and an entrance gateway will be built in the coming weeks.

Grass seed has been planted and the area will remain closed off to the public to give this a chance to grow.

The plans also involve moving the B-listed historic Provosts’ lamp-posts which commemorate Kirkcaldy’s former royal burghs, from the side of the Town House into the square and refurbishing and moving the flag poles to a more prominent position at the other side of the building.

The £50,000 project was agreed by the Kirkcaldy area committee last year in a bid to give the square a more contemporary look and to make it more welcoming to the public.

Townsfolk and groups including Kirkcaldy Civic Society, Fife Cultural Trust and Kirkcaldy West Community Council were asked for their feedback before the plans were given the go-ahead.

Councillor Neil Crooks, chairman of Kirkcaldy area committee, said: “The area has been transformed into a civic space to be enjoyed by the people just as the Town Square has served that purpose over the years.

“One of the flag poles in the square had been damaged and the trees were found to be in poor condition.

“The area to the front of the Town House is a reflection of the civic pride of the community and that tree barrier did not fill anyone with pride.

“The stench of urine was a strong indicator of its night time use and hopefully the new lay-out will be appreciated by visitors and locals in equal measure.”