Review: Alternotive a Cappella

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Alternotive a Cappella

C venues (Venue 34), 2.30pm

Hollywood hit Pitch Perfect has a lot to answer for.

Most recently for me it was being squeezed into a hot dark room full of other people on a Sunday afternoon following a night of testing the best of the Fest’s late night licences, preparing for 50 minutes of instrument-less singing.

Only recently introduced to the ‘a Cappella’ scene, I was intrigued as to how a live show would compare to the polished big screen action.

I seemed not to be alone and a sell-out audience confirmed that since the film’s success, a Cappella is more popular than ever before.

The Oxford Alternotives, the group behind the performance, rose to the challenge admirably.

Unavoidably toe-tapping the mixed ensemble belted out novel arrangements from quirky classics to current chart toppers all wrapped up in a bubble of infectious enthusiasm.

The high-octane, youthful energy was certainly entertaining, even if not all of the performance was exactly bang on pitch perfect.

Undoubtedly talented the cast have choreographed and arranged a seamless meander through the musical ages that is both touching and funny throughout, making this high energy show worth a slot in your schedule.