REVIEW: An Avenue worth strolling down

The cast of Avenue Q
The cast of Avenue Q
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Avenue Q, King’s Theatre, Edinburgh

If, like me, you were expecting a kids musical involving puppets, you couldn’t be further away from the reality that is Avenue Q.

The show is hilarious right from the start featuring a musical score from The Book of Mormon’s creator, Robert Lopex and Tony Award Winner, Jef...f Marx, the show strikes great resonance to that of an old 80s kids show like The Muppets or Sesame Street but with all the happy child like music, this is most definitely not a show for juniors.

At the start of the show, you are introduced to Princeton, a recent college graduate who is on a mission to find his purpose in life.

With a English Degree and no work experience, he needs somewhere to stay and starting at Avenue A, with very little money and willing to settle for anything, he eventually finds himself on Avenue Q.

Meeting various characters along the way ranging from the devilishly crude to Gary Coleman, this show is not for the political correct, but if you just want to go out, have a laugh and even a cry at times, this is defiantly the show for you.

One of the many highlights for me had to be when the fantastic Lucie-Mae Sumner as Kate Monster, a kindergarten teaching assistant who has a thing for Princeton, sang the song ‘There’s a Fine, Fine Line’.

Not only is the song very emotional as it shows how much she cares for Princeton, Lucie-Mae sings the song with such grace and tone to her voice and really draws in the audience after the very upbeat songs previous and is fantastic way to close the first act.

With puppetry quite big in theatre at the moment with shows like War Horse incorporating the art, I must credit the amazing puppetry skills of all the actors involved as after the whole “ha ha it’s puppets” phase, you are totally taken in to feel like the puppets are as human as you and I.

With some performers even playing two characters at the same time with one puppet on each arm, the skill involved in performing this musical art is outstanding.

Avenue Q is very well written as at the core of the show, you are taking through various social issues affecting the many characters involved but you are still let in stitches.

This show is easily one of the funniest musicals I have ever seen and would go so far to say ever created, and with an ever so impressive four Tony Awards, including best musical, and now on its third UK Tour, this show goes from strength to strength in becoming one of the defining musicals of the 21st century.