Review: Brian Kennedy - A Quarter century Of Song

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Brian Kennedy: A Quarter Century Of Song

Ghillie Dhu (Venue 410).

As singer-songwriters go, few can match Brian Kennedy’s musical CV.

Twenty-five years in the business, 13 albums, tours and performances with some of the biggest names in the industry, Riverdance, and a stint on Broadway.

At the Fringe, he turned up with just two guitars and a backing track for a couple of nights of smashing live music and anecdotes which dripped with references to A-list musicians.

Kennedy’s an engaging fella as well as possessing a warm, distinctive voice.

Opening with ‘Better Man’ he cherry picked tracks from his own career as well as dropping in a wonderful ballad version of Van Morrison’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ before moving on to the music of his hero - Joni Mitchell.

She also figured among his anecdotes - of meetings with, and performing next to greats such as James Brown, Dylan and many more.

This is a guy who also had Richard Gere playing guitar in his band, and even managed to top that with a tale singing at a private dinner in America which saw him duet with a chap called Clinton, and he wasn’t referring to the funkmeister George either!

A lovely show in a perfect setting - no airs, no graces, just great music.