Review: Cinderella will go to the ball at St Andrews’s Byre Theatre

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Panto season is now underway - oh, yes it is - and the Byre Theatre’s production of Cinderella is not a bad place to start.

It starts with an ingenious use of a short film to tell Cinders’ sad story of how she ended up working at the dance studio of her wicked stepmother Madam Zsa Zsa Diabolique, who treats her cruelly, as do her ugly step-sisters.

Not doing anything by halves here, the Byre gave us two panto dames in the shape of Cinderella’s ugly step sisters, Windowlene (‘Windy’ for short and cue a running fart gag which you can never have too many of, quite frankly) and Harpic, who deliver most of the evenings laughs, of which there are plenty, including enough in-jokes for adults.

In the dance studio there is much excitement when an announcement is made that the handsome Price Coloquhoun, the greatest dancer in all of Fantasia, is looking for a new partner.

Cinderella is invited to go, where she dreams of dancing with the prince under the stars and falling in love, but is banned from doing so by her stepmother.

She makes it, with the help of dance studio costume maker Buttons, who is secretly in love with Cinderella.

Cinders dashes from the ball at midnight, leaving the Prince to look for her, but he doesn’t just want her to be his dance partner. Things are not all that they seem.....

It’s an impressive show, with great staging and excellent performances all round.

The song and dance routines are colourful energetic and fun, including choice selections from ‘Tangled’ and ‘Frozen’ and others by current chart stars like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheerin (though I had to ask young people what those songs were).

All in all it’s great entertainment all round, and if all that wasn’t great enough it turns out that Cinders n’ Buttons are a real life married couple who met whilst working in panto at the Byre in 2012. Aaaawwwwwww!!!!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Cinderella will run until January 2

Pics by Peter Adamson and Marc Marnie