Review: Citizen Puppet

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Citizen Puppet

Pleasance Beyond (Venue 33)

One of the joys of the Fringe is taking in a show normally off your radar.

Blind Summit’s ‘Citizen Puppet’ is definitely worth a look.

It’s a puppet docu-drama - it’s also fabulously entertaining.

The story tells of the impact of the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk crashing on to a village called Massiveville, where nothing much happens.

Luckily it’s a place where puppets live, so each of them is able to give their own eyewitness account of the drama - from the Daily Mail reading barmaid to the gnarled old cop, a drug-taking director, and the selfie-obsessed young nurse.

They give their eye-view of events, while fuelling the gossip behind the collapse of the giant and the curious disappearance of Jack.

The script is laugh out loud funny, and brought to life by some incredible puppets whose movement around the stage on little benches and seats is wonderful to watch - the choreography behind them is quite fantastic.

ON a stage bereft of any of props, this show stands on the strength of the writing and the performance, and it more than succeeds on both counts.

A fabulous show for anyone aged 14 or over - go see it.