Review: Golden night with Mother Goose at Kirkcaldy’s panto

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As we await the dimming of the houselights my notebook is taken from me from my daughter, who perfectly sets the scene.

“The stage setting is amazing, glittery, colourful and very lit up”. There follows a row of smiley faces and love hearts. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

This year’s panto at the Adam Smith Theatre is an old traditional favourite, Mother Goose, and happy to say it doesn’t disappoint.

Set in Italy, Mother Goose’s Circus is failing and she is poor but happy. Her guardian angel, Angelo Angelini, is set to bestow good fortune upon her for her years of kindness which will help restore the circus to its former glory.

BUT! The evil and wicked Diavola sets out to thwart his plan by corrupting Mother Goose and soon joins the circus herself.

She soon takes over and in a bid to help Angelo showers Mother Goose and Geeza Goose in gold. Soon Geeza begins to lay golden eggs and they bare rich beyond there wildest dreams. But has he done the right thing? Will Diavola succeed in her plan? Will Carlo The Clown ever make Ginny Goose smile? And will Angelo ever get his wings?

It’s a fun-filled affair and, as usual, central to its success is yet another show-stopping, tour de force performance by the incredible Billy Mack as Mother Goose, who can reduce the entire theatre to riotous laughter, with a simple sideways glance.

Has Kirkcaldy ever seen a better panto dame?

The team behind the Kirkcaldy production have got it down to a fine art. The settings are great and the advantage of a love band is a real bonus.

One song and dance routine involving the whole cast set in the circus is quite superb, and other songs feature with well known chart hits given a local lyrical makeover. Coaltown Funk anyone?!

It may be an old tale but when the production is as good as this, it’s well worth re-telling.