Review: Jack and the Beanstalk

Pantomime Dame, Billy Mack and the young cast at the Adam Smith Theatre in Kirkcaldy.
Pantomime Dame, Billy Mack and the young cast at the Adam Smith Theatre in Kirkcaldy.

This year’s pantomime at the Adam Smith Theatre is another triumph for the venue, with everything you’d ever want from such a show at this time of year.

There are singalongs, explosions, a panto baddy to boo at and a pantomime cow with a wind problem. Perfect!

Set in Edinburgh, Jackie and her cow disguises herself as Jack in order to find work. She meets and falls in love with chimney sweep Shuggie Shanter, but Shuggie has eyes only for Penelope Poppycock whose Professor father is building a giant robot, (as you do!).

But! The professor and Penelope are kidnapped by the dastardly and conniving Sir Benjamin Badstock who wants the robot for himself to help him in his fiendish plan to become King of Scotland and ultimately the world.

Jack and Shuggie with help from fairy and story narrator Flora Flibbertyjibbet set out to stop Badstock who has also kidnapped children from the orphanage owned by Shuggie’s mum Dame Tammy Shanter. Will they do it in time?!

There are great performances from all the cast and the group of young children are excellent but, as always, there’s yet another show-stealing performance from the inimitable Billy Mack as Tammy. Back for his ninth turn as the panto dame in Kirkcaldy, he is simply a naturally gifted comedian and brings the house down time after time. Whatever you do, don’t nip out for a choc ice during the Queen song ‘I Want To Break Free’. I’ll say no more!

The use of a live band adds an extra element to the production and the stage sets and choreography are particularly impressive.

It’s a guaranteed great night out - don’t miss it.