Review: Kevin McMahon - Quantum Magic

Kevin McMahon I(Pic: Colin Hattersley Photography
Kevin McMahon I(Pic: Colin Hattersley Photography

The hand is always quicker than the eye.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve seen a trick or illusion a dozen times, it’s still fun to see a magician bamboozle his audience. Kevin McMahon delights in making folk smile as well as leaving wondering just how he did it.

Kevin McMahon - 3D glasses promoting his show

Kevin McMahon - 3D glasses promoting his show

His homecoming gig at Carnegie Hall ended on the warmest note possible as he got his entire audience to participate in a lovely wee trick involving the torch on Iphones, some 3D glasses and a neat card trick.

It was a lovely way to round off his return to a stage he knows well, and a night which saw him tell his own story - a great way to also introduce himself to a wider audience.

Kevin, from Rosyth, was part of a Channel4 TV show ‘Faking It’ a decade ago. It trained people in completely different jobs - in his case, swopping science for magic and then inviting experts to spot the fake.

Kevin convinced them, sparking a decade in magic which has seen him learn from the greats, perform with his own heroes, appear at the Fringe and launch a magic festival in Edinburgh.

The first half of his Carnegie Hall show featured footage from the ‘Faking It’ series as well as a range of tricks and illusions with lots of audience participation.

Part two had more set piece stunts which showcased his skills and his easy going manner.

Sleight of hand saw him bamboozle two audience members as he swopped the cards in their hands.

It was all good fun and thoroughly entertaining.

Kevin is at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe - go see him!