Review Ladyboys Of Bangkok ... it’s ladies’ night once more!

Adam Smith Theatre - Kirkcaldy -  ' LadyBoys of Bangkok ' -  FIFE PHOTO AGENCY -
Adam Smith Theatre - Kirkcaldy - ' LadyBoys of Bangkok ' - FIFE PHOTO AGENCY -

Not many shows come with a cast iron guarantee of fun - cheering, singing and dancing fun.

The Ladyboys of Bangkok have become annual visitors to the Adam Smith Theatre, and it doesn’t matter how often you seen them, their show’s built-in feel good factor sends you home smiling.

As we drifted out of the theatre on the opening night of a five-show stop in Kirkcaldy, one elderly woman turned to her pal and said; ‘‘Well, that was different...’’

And indeed it was.

But it was also colourful, eneregetic, more cheeky than crude, and the audience loved it from start to finish.

The 2014 show entitled ‘Red Hot Kisses’ pays homage to everyone from J-Lo to Kylie, from Pavarotti to the great upbeat songs from the movies such as Hairspray.

It’s all new from their 2013 save for a reprise of their tribute to Scotland which sees them do a wonderful routine to The Proclaimers’ ‘500 Miles’ before departing to the strains of Runrig’s ‘Loch Lomond.’ Talk about knowing yuour audience ...

As shows go, this is a total blast - colourful, creative and, simply, utterly entertaining.

If you haven’t seen them ladyboys before then treat yourself - maybe best avoid the front row lest you want to end up on stage - and if you’ve seen ‘em well you know the script.

I suspect the old theatre will be a riot of noise and laughter all week long.

>> The Ladyboys Of Bangkok are at the Adam Smith Theatre until Saturday, at 7.30 p.m.

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