Review: Letz rock!

Letz Zep tribute act
Letz Zep tribute act

Letz Zep:
Alhambra Theatre

Who knew you could dance to Led Zeppelin’s music?

Okay, air guitar is unlikely to make it into ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ as new routine, but there are times you just gotta break it out, and where better than a Zepp tribute gig?

Letz Zep are the second tribute act I’ve seen recreate the works of Robert Plant and company, and they are good.

Faithful and respectful to the music, their own personalities emerged primarily in the second half as they went all acoustic for a spell and had some fun.

All the classics were covered - from ‘Stairway’ to the ‘Immigrant Song’ - but I suspect they might have been more suited to playing a smaller venue to generate a better atmosphere.

Some minor sound issues aside, though, this was a good gig complete with some rather bad dad dancing in front of stage!


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