Review: Milton Jones and the Temple of Daft

Milton Jones
Milton Jones

Leaving the Alhambra Theatre on Thursday night I was in pain, but it was definitely good pain.

Comedian Milton Jones, you know the one with the wild hair and the loud shirts, had the audience in stitches with his brand new show ‘Milton Jones and the Temple of Daft’.

You’d struggle to find someone who left the theatre without a smile on their face.

Taking a slightly different tack to when he appeared at the same venue a few years ago, this show actually formed a story.

Milton took us on a wonderful journey of adventure with Captain Wheelchair, weaving the tale through an incredible series of trademark one-liners.

And the king of one-liners can definitely keep his crown after this fantastic performance.

It was a fun filled evening and I for one have not laughed so much in a very very long time.

At times you could hear the ripple run through the venue as the joke made its way through the crowd with people getting it in stages.

And that’s no bad thing.

That’s the beauty of this kind of comedy and it adds to the humour when you realise that the person sitting next to you has finally got it, even if that is five minutes after everyone else.

In an interview ahead of the Dunfermline show Milton said that he will be back in Edinburgh this summer for the festival, so here’s a piece of advice. If you missed him last night, make sure you don’t miss him again.