Review: Murder mystery event at Kirkcaldy Galleries

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A body discovered in the library and four suspects. But the question was: who murdered Hannah Bayford?

That’s what the audience was left to work out during a special interactive murder mystery event, held as part of Book Week Scotland, at Kirkcaldy Galleries on Thursday night.

There was a good turnout to the evening event which was set in the fictional Ravenswick Hotel in Shetland.

After a short introduction we were introduced to Jennifer, the hotel owner, Jeremy, a businessman and regular hotel guest, Edie, the hotel housekeeper and Robert, who ran the hotel bar.

They each gave an account of their movements and from their statements (along with the crime scene report) the audience had to try and guess which one committed the crime and work out their motive for doing it.

The script was really good - it was written by award-winning crime author Ann Cleeves who is well known for the creation of the brilliant, but unconventional detective DCI Vera Stanhope. She penned the script especially for the event and I have to say she kept everyone guessing right up until the big reveal at the end!

My friend and I correctly guessed who the murderer was and we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening playing amateur sleuths. Hopefully this will be the first of many more events like this at Kirkcaldy Galleries.